War Against Children of ColorThe War Against Children of Color:
How the drugs, programs, and theories of the psychiatric establishment are threatening America’s children with a medical ‘cure’ for violence.
  by Peter Breggin, M.D.
co-authored with Ginger Ross Breggin
Updated paperback published in 1998

In 1992, Dr. Peter Breggin and Ginger Ross Breggin inspired a national campaign against the proposed federal "Violence Initiative," that aimed at identifying inner-city children with alleged defects that would make them violent when they reached adulthood. Many of the research plans, which are still in operation, involve searching for a "violence gene," finding "biochemical imbalances," and intervening in the lives of schoolchildren with psychiatric drugs. This book is an updated version of the Breggin's 1994 The War Against Children, with a new chapter that includes information on the federally funded fenfluramine studies done on inner city boys.


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“Terrifying data conveyed in the calm and sober voice of an experienced and respected physician and researcher. A brilliantly controversial and, for me, uncomfortably persuasive work — and a major addition to our understanding of racism as it infiltrates our science and our culture.”
— Jonathan Kozol, author of Amazing Grace and Savage Inequalities





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